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Graeme Whyte
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In today's changing information technology market J7 (MIS) Ltd, ("J7"), brings you a new way to obtain the computer expertise you require direct from the professionals in Scotland. Management Information Services are key to any businesses' success.

Your own IT Department

J7 meets the increasing desire in the computer market place to buy direct from the manufacturer, to achieve the largest cost savings available, compared to using a conventional computer reseller. Unless you have a dedicated buying and installation team, where do you start?

J7 provides a unique range of services from planning, procurement, installation, and management, through to support. The costs are lower because J7 enables you to deal directly with the people you require and excludes the expensive middleman. J7 delivers independent experts from across Scotland to deliver the IT solutions you require.

Partner Organisations

J7's Managing Director, Graeme Whyte, has a proven track record of understanding and awareness of the business needs of his clients and has the right personal attitudes and characteristics to ensure IT strategies are clearly discussed, communicated and implemented.

The technologies utilised today are different from 5 and 10 years ago and will, no doubt, be different in 5 years to come. The technical skills can be advanced and learned through training, but the core competencies of business awareness and personal attitudes & characteristics are inherent in the individual. It is these qualities that J7 seek in any of it's partners.

J7 works with Partners it trusts and has the pleasure of working with the following partners for over 20 years.

Alan Black provides support and backup for database services and has expertise in Access, SQL and web-based database technologies in the browser.

Alan Veitch also has extensive experience of Access and SQL database solutions and browser-based solutions.

Dell Computer Ltd provide excellent hardware solutions for J7 and our clients, including the inclusion of up to five years Pro Support with next day on-site support. While the support is rarely called upon due to the high dependability of the hardware, it is essential, when needed, to keep your business IT systems working.

Dell Laptops

As a Microsoft partner, J7 is delighted to recommend, install and support Microsoft solutions, from Windows Server products, through Windows 11 Pro on the desktop or laptop and Microsoft 365 for essential productivity tools including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Robust Internet security products are essential today for our servers and devices. J7 uses market leading internet and antivirus security products from Microsoft and Norton to protect its devices from unwanted intrusions and attacks.


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