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Hardware and Miscellaneous Item Purchase

In the past, J7 was able to offer a service of purchasing items such as printers, cables and other miscellaneous supplies at favourable rates which was normally at cost or cost plus.

In the case of items purchased from third-party sellers, we were able to save (or rather absorb) delivery charges by having a delivery-saver subscription in place. This meant clients could save on delivery charges and any hassle of ordering directly, we would handle it all for you. Our cost of a delivery-saver agreement could be passed on in tiny amounts across each sale.

Unfortunately in recent times, it has become clear that everyone is much more tech savvy and are more than able to order items online directly, and prefer to do so. Moreover, some clients who do not have a delivery-saver subscription or similar delivery-saver agreement with a third-party seller, want the items at cost via J7 but do not want to pay the delivery charge. This meant that J7 had to buy the items; then process purchase invoices, sales invoices and credit card reconciliations for literally no profit, whilst paying for the delivery-saver subscription. This is unsustainable.

An additional issue, is companies like HP have tightened up their reseller conditions, which is their prerogative, but it means that any warranty on products is legally aligned to the purchaser, which would be J7 (MIS) Ltd and not the end-user. For this reason, all HP purchases must now be made directly from the HP Store by the client/end-user.

It is with regret that for the above reasons, J7 will no longer be offering the service of purchasing such items, as described.

In future, should it be easier for a client to order miscellaneous items, as part of a larger order, from third-party sellers through J7 as an 'agent' then J7 will have to charge a handling fee, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis to reflect any delivery and handling costs involved. This presumes that such a service does not contravene the third-party sellers terms of sale.

These issues do not affect the supply of Dell
Servers, PCs or laptops by J7 at this time.

Graeme A. Whyte
8 February 2022


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