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Bespoke Database Solutions

In today’s challenging business environment, businesses both large and small strive to ensure their IT systems deliver the most cost-effective solution that works for day-to-day processes and allows for growth and development.

Many of J7’s clients have been using Graeme’s expertise for over 30 years. Their systems have had to keep up with business demands and many technological developments. The latest opportunity and challenge for business is to embrace Cloud technologies where appropriate. With the improvements in Data Protection through the GDPR, the security of your valuable business data is more important than ever. This is why J7 will give you an honest and balanced view on which Cloud services will be appropriate for your business and, all importantly, be cost effective.

J7 partners with Microsoft to bring Office 365 Cloud benefits alongside on-premise Private Cloud solutions utilising Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Access database systems.

Multi-cloud is the way forward.

When a complete cloud solution is required we work with solutions that are right for your business requirements. We will also happily work with third party providers to move your data to proprietary cloud systems where they prove to be the best solution for your business.

A bespoke tailored database system brings many benefits, the top three being:

  1. A system tailored to your business process requirements.
  2. An environment that allows for rapid development and deployment of change-requests. This is in sharp contrast to an off the shelf package which typically allows for development requests; but when and if they are developed is rarely clear.
  3. With J7 staff working in a dedicated fashion for our clients and using remote access software we can be ‘with’ you very quickly and respond in close consultation with your decision makers.

If this sounds like the sort of systems & business relationship that could work for your business then please contact me for an obligation-free chat about your business needs. Even if you decide on a non-bespoke solution then hopefully the advice we share will be helpful and we are always happy to help in an impartial and advisory capacity.

Bespoke Microsoft Solutions have included:

Microsoft Windows Logo Charity Beneficiaries and Grant Management
Microsoft Windows Logo Trades Union Membership
Microsoft Windows Logo International Rivers Mapping
Microsoft Windows Logo Contact Management
Microsoft Windows Logo Project Management
Microsoft Windows Logo Accounts & Procurement System
Microsoft Windows Logo Goods Return Processing
Microsoft Windows Logo Stock Control
Microsoft Windows Logo Recruitment
Microsoft Windows Logo Human Resources
Microsoft Windows Logo Government Departmental Databases

For further information and pricing contact Graeme on 01383 728733 or simply send an email.

Bespoke Database Design


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IT & Board Consultancy

There are many IT companies in the market who will be happy to consult on your IT requirements but are ultimately only trying to sell their solutions. J7 is different. This is why J7 is often asked to consult in an impartial way with management teams or the Board on IT solutions. At J7, we are more interested that your business has the right solution than our solution. Most often, our solution is your best solution and then we have a win-win outcome.

If you would like to discuss our impartial IT advice and consultancy services then please simply send an email or pick up the telephone. We look forward to discussing how we can work together.

For further information and pricing contact Graeme on 01383 728733 or simply send an email.


Technical Support

J7 offers technical support in the following ways:

  1. Hardware Support. When you purchase Dell computers and servers through J7 with on-site warranty, we will be happy to support your users with initial diagnosis through to on-site services from the Dell engineers. We have worked with Dell for many years and although service fallouts are infrequent, the level of service is normally second-to-none.
  2. Software Support. J7 will be happy to support your business with our unique and personal service. We have extensive knowledge and experience of Microsoft Office, Windows and Server products. As we specialise in Microsoft Access and SQL database solutions, we are able to support these solutions as well… something that many IT support companies are simply unequipped to offer.

Many of our clients have existing IT support companies or departments. We work with them to ensure any issues are resolved.

We dislike the attitude of some support companies when they pass the issue back and forward. This is simply unacceptable.

For over 30 years, support solutions have been developed that work with your business needs. The traditional purchase of support by the hour is available, but most clients opt to purchase keenly priced Support Units. These Units are then deducted as your needs dictate. Support Units do not expire, so they provide a flexible solution whether you have modest or more demanding support requirements. They can be deducted for on-site, remote or off-site support and consultancy.

For further information and pricing contact Graeme on 01383 728733 or simply send an email.

Tech Support

Windows 11


IT Project Management

Many small businesses or departments in larger organisations do not have their own dedicated IT staff. You may find your company needing to:

  1. roll out a new hardware platform;
  2. migrate to a Cloud solution;
  3. install a new on-premise server.

Whatever the type or size of project, J7 may be the right people to project manage it for you.

For further information and pricing contact Graeme on 01383 728733 or simply send an email.


Website Design

There are many companies now able to supply web-site services to your company. Where J7 is different, is it specialises in building on its extensive relational database skillset to bring your data to the web where appropriate.

Many of us have invested in excellent bespoke database systems and now want to publish some of that important information on the web. J7 can advise on the best method for achieving this.

It is always important for J7 to aim to supply management information systems which will grow with your companies needs and the technology it needs to adopt.

For further information and pricing contact Graeme on 01383 728733 or simply send an email.


Landscape Photography

J7 are also able to provide high quality digital images. Whether you want images for your website, for prints, canvasses or simply memories of a special place.

View some example photographs on our gallery page here.

For further information and pricing contact Graeme on 01383 728733 or simply send an email.

Landscape Phototography

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